Permanent wood protection

'Skin Type" of coatings such as Acrylics or other Polymers only thinly cover the wood surface. Protection is lost once this is surface is worn or scratched allowing moisture under the coatings where they will eventually peel off. Adhesion is difficult with "Skin Type" coatings.


Allwood's Tung Oil treats wood better below the surface:

  • One application; soaks deep into the wood and is often sufficient for outdoor protection. 

  • Additional applications can be made to increase gloss and develop a natural patina that only a Tung oil finish can acheive.

  • Allwoods Tung oils will not peel like other coatings .

  • Allwood's soaks in deeper, adds structural integrity and is part of the wood.

  • Our Tung oil finishes create permanent wood protection!

Natural Tung oil finish

Tung oil made from the Tung nut is "natures epoxy", no other oil  out-performs as a wood treatment.  Ancient wooden boats and temples in China have endured for centuries with Tung oil. Other coatings have not been tested  or proven to last to this extent.


Tung oil has unique properties that makes it most suitable for wood; Polymerized Tung oil will not swell from water and resists natural decompositioin and mildew.

Features of Allwood's Products:


  • contains no heavy metal driers

  • no chemical preservatives

  • no chemical anti-fungicides.

  • no Petrochemical Solvent.

  • highly concentrated oil content

  • not diluted with cheaper oils

  • non- toxic ceramic UV additves


Tung oil finishes are the best

We stand behind our products:


Our finishes are the best of old and new ideas. Besides creating traditional Tung oil finishes that are renown for beauty, we merely make  a few improvements as well.


The best product is our priority

  • Our products are crafted in Canada from choice materials far above industry standards. Our pride is in making  exceptional, ecological, and reputable finishes to provide the best of Canadian quality and service that our customers deserve.

  • Tung oil finishes are the best because it is a conjugated oil, having the best molecular structure for finishing. Our oil penetrates deeper into the smallest wood pores. This feature is due to Tung oil's smaller molecule.

  • Our Tung oil is the most effective long term finish and we enhance the natural advantages of the oil to penetrate effectively into the wood. This yeilds the most oil coating to solid conversion in every application.


Please check our product page and discover why our oils are the best!

- No Petroleum solvents
- No Heavy metal driers
  • Allwood's contains; D-Limonene (Citrus solvent) in place of Petroleum solvents. D-Limonene is derived from wasted orange peels after juice extraction. D-Limonene will evaporate completely and is much safer, as compared to many solvents.

  • VOC's from D-Limonene are biodegradeable and Stratospheric Ozone neutral.

  • D-Limonene is FDA approved as a natural flavoring, occurs in many of our foods, and gives off an aroma of oranges. It smells great! However: Do not drink it! and please keep it away from children.

  • Allwoods uses no heavy metal driers.

Easy to apply on wood

 Allwood's Tung oils are carefully created:


  • We have made our Tung oil's easy to use with five unique formulas. Each formulation cures hard, non-sticky with fast and dependable drying times.

  • Allwood's is different than other unprocessed Tung oil products that can take weeks to cure and often remains soft or sticky.

  • Allwood's can cure hard in one day!

Permanent wood  protection, and saving your money



Here's the advantage:


Most wood finishes these days are the non-penetrating "skin type". A common misconception is that they are easier to use or more convenient. We don't think so,  and here's the reason: Skin type of finishes will not soak in, and eventually peels and is easily damaged. This is a cost that will come to haunt you later.

For those people who know this and likely have stripped down a finish, sanded a deck, floor or furniture; you could be searching for something better like permanent wood protection, and you came to the right place!


Allwood's soaks in deep and treats wood "on and below" the surface and never needs to be removed. Allwood's does not peel off like other coatings. Maintaining a finish with a quick wipe over with fresh oil on a cloth will maintain water beading on the surface, nothing else is required. No stripping, and no removal of the finish is required.


Stop the endless cycle! Try using Allwood's Tung oil.  If you are planning to coat your deck, then first consider the saved time and labor of using our product.


Our products are highly concentrated

A common misconception of oil based products is that it will dry up from the sun or be absorbed by the wood over time. This does not happen, but suffice to say; the belief exists with other products, and is likely based on oil products that had very little oil in them in the first place.

Because the current trend in the coating industry is replacing the solvents with water the oil content is drastically reduced.

Most off the shelf products contain only approximately; 10 to 20% total of various oils.

 Water/oil emulsion finishes are less able to  absorb deep into the wood as compared to Allwood's Citrus solvent type of oil solutions.

 Tung oil solvent solutions are renown for performance and penetrating into hard woods, but for the sake of keeping it simple; the smaller molecule sized oil solutions in our finishes are able to absorb into the wood better.

We beleive many products that promote oils in wood coatings these days may be just there for show. In most cases, we think that the oil content is too low, and by the inferiour trend of hybrid emulsions, very few of these products actually soak into the wood.

Allwood's contains more than 50% of Tung oil with no water added.

Allwood's adds beauty, protects your investment, and saves you time and labor.