Ceramic Hardened Finish 1 quart  - 946 ml

Ceramic Hardened Finish 1 quart - 946 ml

Ceramic Hardened Tung Oil: Sub-micron sized particles of natural ceramic are dispersed in the finish. The benefits are: Higher hardness, surface is less slippery, increased dirt and stain resistance. This Finish has all the features of the commercial Aluminum Oxide finishes that have become very popular. Allwood's Ceramic Hardened finish is natural and non-toxic when cured. Contains Citrus Solvent and no heavy metal driers.
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    Coverage of this product will vary on the type and porosity of the wood. Typically on a porous softwood; 1 quart can covers 100 sq. ft. approximately, with one or more applications. A range of surface finishes can be created from low luster to medium luster with additional layers. Please read can instructions and consult MSDS if required.
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