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Allwood's started literally as a "Cottage Industry". This was the coincidental outcome of the work of a materials scientist trying to figure out what to do at a Muskoka cottage that needed plenty of TLC.   Finding that the common "off the shelf" products for preserving wood were toxic, and mostly ineffective,  creating Tung oil based wood treatments that are free of toxins and effective was a logical next step for a materials scientist in this situation.


 Over the years, we made discoveries to an old technology and developed formulas that are more than just safe and easy to use.  They are tailored to perform well a in variety of applications.  The extreme climate of Canada’s Muskoka area was the perfect environment to challenge wood finishes, with plenty of opportunities for testing improved formulas. 


We began sharing our ideas and Tung oil with friends and neighbors, and now we feel so strongly about Allwood’s Tung oil products that we'd like to promote this to everyone who cares about wood, your home or the environment, as we do!  Please give Allwood’s Tung oil a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

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